Membership At CCC

Membership is both a privilege and a responsibility for followers of Jesus Christ. The privilege includes being a part of God's family in the local church. The responsibility includes contributing and committing to this localized family of God. Part of this responsibility means regularly attending, giving, serving, and loving the church.

If you are at least 16 years of age and are in good standing with previous churches you attended, here are the 4 steps to membership:

Step 1: Belong To Christ

Membership at CCC is open to all Christians who have repented, believed, and been baptized in Jesus Christ. Only those who have trusted Christ for salvation and have obeyed him by being baptized can pursue membership at CCC.

Step 2: Attend InRoads

InRoads is a three week class that explores our church's mission, vision, and beliefs. It is offered in the fall and spring. This class is required for those pursuing membership. Though baptism is required for membership, it is not a requirement for the class. 

Step 3: Fill Out Application

After you have attended InRoads, fill out a membership application card and turn it in to the office or email it to Pastor Drew.  To fill out a card, click the link below.

Fill Out Card

Step 4: Interview With Elders

Once you have submitted your application, we will schedule an interview with you and two elders. After the interview, our elders with then vote on your request for membership.